About us

Welcome to Aitheres - Handmade for Your Happy Place!

Hey there, welcome to Aitheres! We're not your average online shop – we're all about handmade vibes that bring joy to your space. Aitheres, meaning skies in Greek, is where every product is made with love and a sprinkle of creativity.

Our Crafty Journey

Our story kicks off with a bunch of craft enthusiasts who thought, "Why not make cool stuff that makes people's spaces look awesome?" So, here we are, turning ideas into handmade wonders. From funky soy wax candles to gypsum decor pieces, we're all about adding a touch of handmade charm to your digs.

Handmade Goodness

What makes Aitheres stand out? Well, everything here is handmade with care. Yep, every scented candle and every decor item is crafted by our talented bunch of artisans. No mass production, just good ol' handmade goodness that brings a smile to your face.

Inspired Creativity

Why Aitheres? 'Cause it's where the skies are limitless, and so is our imagination. Our scents and designs? Totally inspired by the awesome things around us. Bring a bit of that creative flair into your home with our handcrafted goodies.

Aitheres Vibe

  1. Crafted with Love: Our artisans pour their hearts into each creation. Expect imperfections – that's just the quirky charm of handmade.

  2. Unique & Fun: Aitheres products are like us – one of a kind and a little bit cheeky. They stand out in the crowd and make your space pop.

  3. Nature Love: Our soy wax and gypsum are all about being kind to nature. We love our planet, and our products reflect that.

Thanks for choosing Aitheres – where the skies meet your space in the coolest, handmade way!

Get your Aitheres vibe on today!